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    Help Us To Help You
  • Diaspora : Our Definition
    Diaspora : Our Definition

    Emigrants who live outside the country of their birth or ancestry

  • Let's Connect Today
    Let's Connect Today

    Connecting Together As One

  • Improving Local Industries
    Improving Local Industries

    Fishing,  St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

  • Embrace Our Festivals
    Embrace Our Festivals

    Culture, Summer, Sun.

  • A Vacation In St Vincent
    A Vacation In St Vincent

    Grenadine Islands - Palm Island.

  • Remembering Our History
    Remembering Our History

    Fort Charlotte - St Vincent and the Grenadines

  • Connect With Us Today!
    Connect With Us Today!

    Collaborate & facilitate the integration of our diaspora communities.

  • Explore St Vincent
    Explore St Vincent

    Waterfalls Of Belaine.

Mr_Maxwell Charles
Deputy Director's Messagewww.svgdiaspora.org
Fellow Vincentians, I count it a great priviledge to greet every single member of our Diaspora. Our staff at the Regional Integration and Diaspora Unit has partnered with the International Organization for Migration to document the skills, abilities and qualifications of the Vincentian ReadMore.

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Users in the diaspora benefit from the folowing.

Skills Mapping Exercise. 

Social environment.

Enjoy Diaspora forums,blogs,topics,groups,live chat and more.

Current news and events available, user friendly social environment.

Diaspora Engagements

  • Community Projects
    Community Projects

    Encouraging community efforts & collaborations.

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  • Investing In SVG
    Investing In SVG

    Help shape & grow the nation's future.

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  • Latest News
    Latest News

    Diaspora Mapping Project Closing Ceremony.

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